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Month / July 2014


Ennui (noun) : a feeling of listlessness and dissatisfaction arising from a lack of occupation or excitement Yep. I’ve got it. I have felt bored, bored, bored with things lately. Sure, the kittens are fun to watch, and I’m enjoying the gardening, but overall I just feel bored to death. It’s not as if I […]

Why I obsess about local weather

Right off the bat, I should tell you that I have a weather station in my yard. No, it’s not a cheap little station — it’s a Rainwise MK III that provides updates to Weather Underground and the world every few seconds. So, why did I install a professional grade weather station in my back […]

The Suburban Farmer: In praise of square foot gardening

When I last wrote about my little garden plot ten days ago, I had no idea that it was going to flourish even more in just that short period of time. My snow peas are going crazy (perfect for a stir fry I’m making tomorrow), I’ve had one of the tasty heirloom carrots (sweet and […]

A cool-ish summer

Tonight I’m looking out the window at dark rain clouds; that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s actually going to rain, but it’s indicative of the cooler weather we’ve had this summer. I’ve lived in Colorado long enough — almost 52 years — to know that the weather here goes through cycles. More often than not, […]

The Suburban Farmer: July 10, 2014

This year I decided that I wanted to start gardening again. I had done some limited gardening shortly after Barb and I first got married way back in the late 70s, but a lack of time and a shitload of tomato worms made me give it up. Since I’m no longer as flexible as I […]

That huge Antonov 225 taking off from MSP…

This happened a few days ago and the Twin Cities locals are still buzzing about it. This was the aircraft that was designed to carry the Soviet Buran space shuttle between landing and launch locations, much like the 747 carriers used in the US Space Shuttle program. Loud, big, and smoky.

OTC Birth Control: Your body, your choice, your reponsibility

After the Facebook tirade from the woman who thought that my agreement with the Supreme Court decision on the Hobby Lobby case meant that I was against all forms of birth control (she, as well as a lot of leftists, appear to also believe that the decision means that birth control is banned as a […]

Happy in Dependence?

Dave Carter on Richochet: Another poll, which I found even more telling, was released by Gallup on July 1st and it found that Americans are rather conspicuously, “less satisfied with the freedom to choose what they want to do with their lives.” In fact, the public’s assessment has dropped from 91 percent who were satisfied […]

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