Why not use the original stupid name of this post? Why not, indeed.

I’ve been starting up and killing personal blogs for some time. Hopefully this one will stick. I blog for a living and I’m finding that Facebook and Twitter are too … controversial. For example, the other day I posted something on Facebook that I thought was rather innocuous. It ended up causing an intense Facebook comment battle between my wife and a person-who-shall-remain-nameless, finally ending up with the latter sending my wife a comment on the thread that included these delightful words:

But fuck you. FUCK YOU VERY MUCH … and I am done with you and your husband.

What caused that little tirade? The fact that my spouse had the audacity to point out to this person that her open comments on Facebook regarding a recent Supreme Court decision indicated that she had absolutely no idea what that decision was really all about. I’ve just about had it with Facebook anyway, what with the recent revelation that they have been pulling some “experiments” lately to see if they can toy with the emotions of users. So if I can get my personal website into the limelight and actually get some readers who are willing to enjoy my comments and posts without going ballistic, I will kiss Facebook goodbye forever.

I have interests other than what I write about for a living, and I tend to get very pedantic about most topics I’m interested in. As a result, you’ll read about everything from kittens to spaceflight, with side trips to politics and whatever else hits my fancy. Since this is my personal website, if you don’t like what I’m posting here, please feel free to go elsewhere. The rest of you? Enjoy my ramblings.