This year I decided that I wanted to start gardening again. I had done some limited gardening shortly after Barb and I first got married way back in the late 70s, but a lack of time and a shitload of tomato worms made me give it up.

Since I’m no longer as flexible as I once was, I decided that I’d try some sort of raised garden bed. By raised, I mean at waist height or higher. Last year I tried to order a big-ass garden bed kit from, but it never shipped. So this year I tried again with something called a VegTrug, a V-shaped (cross section) trough-like kit that would take less soil. It came in a week, I put it together, and filled it with the garden mix I had purchased a year ago.

I also bought a ton of seeds from an heirloom seed company. I decided to do “square-foot gardening”, in which you plant a certain number of seeds in one square foot. My plan was to grow 2 squares of tomatoes, one of basil, one of oregano, one of cucumber, one of snow peas, one each of red romaine and green leaf lettuce, one each of red bell and jalapeno peppers, one of carrots, and one of green onions.

So far, everything is growing pretty well with the exception of the peppers. Not sure what the hell happened there, but they are just nowhere… The tomatoes will probably start dropping fruit in about a month, the peas are going well, the cucumbers will probably start showing up in a few weeks.. I love it!

This is going so well that I will probably start a bit earlier next year, growing some of the seeds in pots while it’s still cold out. I want to get a second VegTrug, which will give me an opportunity to try growing a lot more. And I may see if I can set up some automated watering so I don’t have to pop out there every day.

I recently found out that those of us who live in Highlands Ranch can have chickens (no roosters), with a total of up to four animals per household. We have two cats, so I guess we might be able to get two chickens… That would mean eggs!

I know it’s odd for a suburbanite to want to be more self-sustaining, but I think everyone should do this. It’s calming, it’s fun to watch things grow, and the taste of the garden fresh vegetable is amazing. I can’t imagine what fresh eggs would taste like.