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Month / August 2014

Reunions and other silliness

Most of the friends and followers who read this site know that I am officially “older than dirt”, but they’d probably be shocked to know that I’ve been out of high school for a whopping 40 years. When I was attending William C. Hinkley High School in the early 1970s, Nixon was still president, we […]

Radio Silence

On previous personal blogs, I’ve written about my love/hate relationship with amateur radio (AKA “ham” radio). I’ve had a FCC amateur radio license (KC0EZH) since the late 1990’s, and during that time I’ve done some fun things like contact the space shuttle. I used to talk to my Dad on my morning commute to downtown Denver […]

The weather station, bad design, and the brain of an engineer

Hokay. That picture you see is that of my Rainwise Mark III weather station, which beams continuously updated information about the wind velocity and direction, temperature, humidity, and — until the rain gauge clogged up — precipitation. I bring up the last point because we’ve had a surprising amount of rain here over the past […]

The Suburban Farmer: August 1, 2014 — Attack of the Tomatoes

The last time I talked about THE GARDEN things were doing well thanks to the heat we were getting. Over the past week, however, Colorado has been blessed with cooler weather and for some reason the tomato plants have gone crazy. See that image above? Yeah – they’re taking over. We still haven’t seen a […]