Wow, it’s been a couple of weeks since an update of any sort. Of course, in the interim I had the high school reunion (went well, I’ll have to post embarrassing photos), went to Vegas for four days, and did a lot of other stuff.

The garden went through some changes in the interim. I spent some time yesterday cleaning it up — the last of the lettuce had gone to seed, so I yanked it. I pulled all of the carrots and green onions as well, leaving just the two tomato plants, the basil and oregano, and the humongo cucumber plant.

After cleaning up the veggies, I took the photo you see above. Some of the carrots were good sized — thick, but not super long due to the shallowness of the VegTrug. I’d really like to take some of the carrots, cucumbers, and green onions and pickle them. That’s a good way to preserve them for a little bit longer, and I happen to like pickles anyway.

The tomatoes are starting to get a little bit of yellowish color, so I’m hoping that soon they’ll all turn red and ripen up so I can pick ’em. Pretty soon I’ll have to clear out the rest of the garden, and make my plans for getting things ready to go for 2015.