Yesterday we were getting weather alerts that we might be getting … wait for it … a freeze or snow. Now before you go off on some climate change tangent, let’s just say that we’ve had snow much earlier (September 3) and much later (not until October). Anyway, the garden has been slowly winding down so I thought it was the perfect time to harvest the remaining crops and I’ll just call it quits for the year. Yes, we do have a short growing season here.

First on my agenda was picking the tomatoes, which have so far refused to ripen on the vine. I ended up picking 72 tomatoes, popping them into a big box, and tossing a ripening banana in there — they produce a lot of ethylene, which is required for ripening the tomatoes. 24 hours later, the three tomatoes that had a slight amount of color are starting to run a bit deeper color.

Next were the cucumbers, which really disappointed me. The plant was huge and I thought I was going to get a lot of cukes, but I ended up picking only about five all year. Three were on the vine yesterday, and they’re pretty good sized.

The rest of the crop remaining was herbal in nature: oregano and basil. Both smelled VERY good while I was picking them, and the leaves are now ready to dry.

All I have left to do with the garden is to pull the remaining plants and then cover the VegTrug for the winter. Next year I will definitely plant earlier — say April instead of May — and hopefully that will extend my growing season by a month.