Yesterday at 8 something-or-other PM MDT, Fall started. Or, in more proper terms, the Autumnal Equinox occurred.

It’s not that we can’t already see the changes here in Denver. There are a lot of trees that are starting to turn yellow and red, the sun is coming up a lot later and setting much earlier, temperatures are moderate, and the daylight sun is at an angle that tells you that we’ve tipped back up so that the sun’s rays are coming in at a more shallow aspect.

I’m not complaining about Fall. It’s actually one of my favorite seasons in this state where we really do have seasonal changes. Summer is just plain wonderful, all bright and hot with long days and the occasional noisy thunderstorm. Spring? Capricious — we can have 70 degree days with beautiful weather followed by freezing snowstorms that snap the budding trees. But Spring is still the sign of hope that summer is about to get here. Winter? Not my favorite season by a long shot. It can bring bitter cold, icy streets, and everything is an ugly brown by the end of the season.

Fall is just plain beautiful. Yes, we can get snow, but we can also have warm days like today where the sky is a deep blue and the yellow of the leaves is a shocking contrast.

This is the season where we get things ready for the Winter in Colorado. In about three weeks I’ll have the sprinklers drained and blown out. We’ve already made arrangements with a landscaping company for having snow removed from our driveways and walks. Soon I’ll cover our table on the back patio, dig up the flowers (which are still looking quite good, thank you), and get the planter pots protected for the next six months.

I always find it fun when the equinox coincides with my birthday, because it’s like having two celebrations at the same time. I’m getting a year older, and the Northern Hemisphere is about to go through the annual change.

It’s always a relief to get Winter over with and see new life spring forth all over, but I wouldn’t want to live in a place where we didn’t have the seasonal change. Fall may be a foreboding time as we head into the cold dark months, but the months of October through March just lead up to the hope of Spring and Summer so they can’t be all bad.