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Month / November 2014

Bloggers — Get Desk

  OK, I know I’m not supposed to write about tech stuff on this personal blog. Conflict of interest, blah blah blah, etc… But I’m working with a new blogging tool for Mac that has just made it too easy to write, so maybe I’ll be posting here on Transient Spike more often. The app […]

Interstellar: Stellar

Barb and I went to our local Alamo Drafthouse last night to see Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar. The house was packed, it was a digital 4K projection, and I was pumped to go see it based on many of the reviews I’ve seen. It exceeded my expectations. When I was about 12 years old, I went […]

Back from vacation

Barb and I just returned from a trip that started on October 16 with a flight to Toronto, Ontario and ended when we flew back to Denver on November 4. What happened in between was one of the more memorable trips. We started with a drive down to Niagara Falls (the Canadian side), then back […]