Barb and I just returned from a trip that started on October 16 with a flight to Toronto, Ontario and ended when we flew back to Denver on November 4. What happened in between was one of the more memorable trips. We started with a drive down to Niagara Falls (the Canadian side), then back to Toronto for a stay at the Trump International. The next day, we had a grueling drive to Montreal, but that’s where the real vacation started.

After two lovely days in Old Montreal, we walked to our ship (Oceania’s Regatta) for a cruise that would end in Miami. The ship is wonderful, carrying about 600+ passengers in “country club casual” luxury. We’ve been on this ship and a sister ship before, so we could have navigated the decks blindfolded.

I won’t give you the full rundown — instead, go to our trip blog and read the excellent posts Barb wrote over the past few weeks. She hits both the highlights and low points of what was ultimately a very positive trip.

Related: Two days after the trip ended, I started getting a cold. Bleahhhh.