OK, I know I’m not supposed to write about tech stuff on this personal blog. Conflict of interest, blah blah blah, etc… But I’m working with a new blogging tool for Mac that has just made it too easy to write, so maybe I’ll be posting here on Transient Spike more often. The app is Desk, described as a publishing app for OS X. 

It works very well with WordPress, and I’m now trying it as a tool for generating Markdown for my “work” CMS. Desk presents you with an empty page, only providing you with UI elements when you really need them. It’s $30 in the Mac App Store and you owe it to yourself to buy this app if you do any blogging at all. By the way, it also works with Blogger, Tumblr, Facebook, Typepad, Movable Type and Squarespace (although the latter is only via post-by-email).  

Go over to that place where I blog for a living and read my review, which will be up sometime during the Thanksgiving weekend. Highly recommended.