Ericsson today announced that it is suing Apple for patent infringement after the Cupertino company refused Ericsson’s licensing terms. Apple had been paying royalties to Ericsson, until its license agreement expired in January. Attempts at re-negotiation failed, triggering the patent infringement lawsuit.

“We have offered them a license; they have a turned it down,” said Kasim Alfalahi, Ericsson’s chief intellectual property officer. “We’re not a company that’s planning to extract more than the value we put on the table.”

— Kasim Alfalahi, Ericsson

According to Bloomberg, Ericsson is filing seven new lawsuits that span 41 patents. Also, the will ask the U.S. International Trade Commission to ban the sale of Apple products in the U.S. market.

When negotiations broke down in January, Apple sued Ericsson, claiming the company’s royalty demands were excessive.

Our take on the news

Like it nor not, this lawsuit is part of the negotiation process as two high-profile companies battle it out in the world of intellectual property.