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Month / July 2015

What to play this weekend: Adventures of Pip

Let me set the scene for you. PAX East, 2015. My 10-year-old and I visit the Tic Toc Games booth, where a playable demo of Adventures of Pip is set up. He picks up the controller and begins playing this fun, retro platformer. He’s doing well, and clears the first major hurdle. He figures out the first puzzle on the first try. “No one has gotten that on the first try,” the developer says. A small crowd has gathered. 

He beats the next hurdle, and the next. Puzzles are solved. The princess is rescued, the demo level beaten. First try, first life. 

“Well, @!#*”, says the developer.

How to use the mini music player while browsing Apple Music

The new Music app in iOS is chock full featueres, including Beats 1 radio content, the For You recommendation engine and the Connect social network. The Music app is all about music so it make sense that Apple`would include a mini player that allows you to control your music while you browse through all the content in the app. Read on to find out more about the mini player and how to use it.