This is the personal website of Steve Sande.

In my work life, I’m a professional blogger and editor. But I have an active life outside of what I do for a living, and I felt that the social networking sites do little to let me really comment on what I want to talk about without some self-righteous idiot getting offended.

Hence my need to go to my own site. If someone disagrees with me, they can just go to another website and I’ll never offend them again. Not that I give a damn whether or not I am offending someone, but there are people who tend to get a bit vocal when their narrow worldview is questioned.

Work History:

Civil engineer for a utility company
IT department manager for said utility company
IT support peon for IBM after utility company outsourced my job
Project manager for IBM
Self-employed consultant, instructor, and author
Blogger and editor, The Unofficial Apple Weblog (, part of AOL