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The Suburban Farmer: September 4, 2014 — Harvest

Wow, it’s been a couple of weeks since an update of any sort. Of course, in the interim I had the high school reunion (went well, I’ll have to post embarrassing photos), went to Vegas for four days, and did a lot of other stuff. The garden went through some changes in the interim. I […]

The Suburban Farmer: August 1, 2014 — Attack of the Tomatoes

The last time I talked about THE GARDEN things were doing well thanks to the heat we were getting. Over the past week, however, Colorado has been blessed with cooler weather and for some reason the tomato plants have gone crazy. See that image above? Yeah – they’re taking over. We still haven’t seen a […]

The Suburban Farmer: In praise of square foot gardening

When I last wrote about my little garden plot ten days ago, I had no idea that it was going to flourish even more in just that short period of time. My snow peas are going crazy (perfect for a stir fry I’m making tomorrow), I’ve had one of the tasty heirloom carrots (sweet and […]

The Suburban Farmer: July 10, 2014

This year I decided that I wanted to start gardening again. I had done some limited gardening shortly after Barb and I first got married way back in the late 70s, but a lack of time and a shitload of tomato worms made me give it up. Since I’m no longer as flexible as I […]