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Yesterday at 8 something-or-other PM MDT, Fall started. Or, in more proper terms, the Autumnal Equinox occurred. It’s not that we can’t already see the changes here in Denver. There are a lot of trees that are starting to turn yellow and red, the sun is coming up a lot later and setting much earlier, […]

The weather station, bad design, and the brain of an engineer

Hokay. That picture you see is that of my Rainwise Mark III weather station, which beams continuously updated information about the wind velocity and direction, temperature, humidity, and — until the rain gauge clogged up — precipitation. I bring up the last point because we’ve had a surprising amount of rain here over the past […]

Hello world!

Why not use the original stupid name of this post? Why not, indeed. I’ve been starting up and killing personal blogs for some time. Hopefully this one will stick. I blog for a living and I’m finding that Facebook and Twitter are too … controversial. For example, the other day I posted something on Facebook […]