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What to play this weekend: Does Not Commute

“Dentist Charles Schneider skipped lunch and went to the library instead. He’s heading back to this clinic with the books ‘Temporal Paradoxes’ and ‘Retrocausaility in Practice.'”

There’s an undercurrent of weirdness in Does Not Commute (free, universal) that Fox Mulder would love. The beautiful and challenging strategy game from Mediocre has you driving various vehicles — from sedans to speed boats to ice cream trucks — through several neighborhoods, being careful to beat the clock and avoid the other drivers. It’s challenging, thematic and a lot of fun. Here’s my look at Does Not Commute.

Sago Mini Toolbox lets toddlers discover hammers, scissors and more

Children’s app company Sago Sago is known for their “mini” series of apps, which are designed for preschoolers and include colorful and playful themes. This trend is continued in the company’s latest title – Sago Mini Toolbox, which debuted today in the iOS App Store. As its name implies, Sago Mini Toolbox has a building […]

Bloggers — Get Desk

  OK, I know I’m not supposed to write about tech stuff on this personal blog. Conflict of interest, blah blah blah, etc… But I’m working with a new blogging tool for Mac that has just made it too easy to write, so maybe I’ll be posting here on Transient Spike more often. The app […]