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The weather station, bad design, and the brain of an engineer

Hokay. That picture you see is that of my Rainwise Mark III weather station, which beams continuously updated information about the wind velocity and direction, temperature, humidity, and — until the rain gauge clogged up — precipitation. I bring up the last point because we’ve had a surprising amount of rain here over the past […]

Why I obsess about local weather

Right off the bat, I should tell you that I have a weather station in my yard. No, it’s not a cheap little station — it’s a Rainwise MK III that provides updates to Weather Underground and the world every few seconds. So, why did I install a professional grade weather station in my back […]

A cool-ish summer

Tonight I’m looking out the window at dark rain clouds; that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s actually going to rain, but it’s indicative of the cooler weather we’ve had this summer. I’ve lived in Colorado long enough — almost 52 years — to know that the weather here goes through cycles. More often than not, […]